How do I get LIFTED...

LIFTED, this word is so important to me, and has multiple connotations. Yes, lifting weights has gotten me physically to where I wanted to be, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to make you bulky, strength and conditioning programmes give you fat loss and lean muscle tone.  I am focused on delivering a space where you can take time out for yourself, to workout, sweat, burn some calories, lift your mood, let off some steam and put yourself in the most positive place you can be whilst reaping all the aesthetic benefits that comes with it.

  • Simple and effective – I am not going to get you doing complex olympic lifts, I will focus on understanding you, finding what challenges you, what pushes you safely out of your comfort zone. I will nicely high five you, and then ask you to do it all again, faster.
  • Honest training – it's a genuine science, greater output equals greater change, no excuses, that feeling of intensity is the good part, that’s where the change happens
  • Commitment – patience is a virtue, there is no magic potion, it takes time, and positive lifestyle changes to deliver you sustainable results without sacrificing your sanity
  • Ditch the scales fear – of course it is a useful tool for us to track progress, but we won’t worry about it, this number does not define you
  • Weight training – the most efficient way of getting you lean and strong, fast ad powerful functional movements
  • Balance – if you have a Gin & Tonic on a Friday night, it’s OK, we won't have a meltdown about it, nothing is gained or lost in a day
  • Sense of humour – let’s not take ourselves too seriously, we are here to work hard, have fun, breathe, deeply, constantly reflect and improve.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. Everyone has their own fighter inside, to achieve things they never thought possible, running the 10k you thought was too far, picking up the weight you thought was too heavy, losing the weight you have found impossible to lose or maintain your lean shape in your favourite jeans or LBD.

Wellness is a way of life, you work hard, you eat well, you train harder, you push outside your comfort zone and it teaches you so much about yourself and enables you to own that lens of optimism and positivity you can apply to your everyday life. It’s about achieving your goals, finding your own balance, training efficiently but not having a panic if you have a slice of cake, or a cocktail every now and again. That’s life, no one can define how you should choose to live.