What does it mean to GET LIFTED?

The ability to look after and invest in your own health, a lifestyle that works for you, educating yourself on what makes you feel good, and do you know what, it’s not a weight, it’s not a body shape, it’s an amazing feeling, one that I found through regular strength training.

I believe everyone discovers 'fitness' at some stage in life, every individuals journey to health and wellness is very different, we all have different goals, physically, emotionally and athletically, and what works for one person, may not work or be aspirational for another, and that's totally OK. The first step is accepting where you are but identifying you want to make a change, a sustainable change, to train for life, or whatever success looks and feels like to you, that's completely your decision, without judgement or comparison.

You have heard about weight lifting, and thought it will make you bulky – false, weights or resistance training can develop your physical power and strength. It may create physical definition and improve your overall body composition and lean muscle mass. It helps to improve your posture and training in functional strength may just enable you to be better at life, mentally and physically! Depending on your goal, you can mix with the right amount of cardio at various intensities, mindfulness, mobility and nutrition, you have the opportunity to achieve big results.

I am not here to tell you what you should be doing or how you should look, I am here to show you that it is OK to prioritise yourself sometimes, and OK to need a bit of extra motivation to get it done.

What if I told you that together we could work hard, raise your heart rate, release some stress and endorphins, burn some calories, build some lean muscle to tone and shape your physique, focus on eating the right things to fuel your life, giving you more energy and full of positivity? 1 hour is 4% of your day, could you choose to use it more effectively.

We have an opportunity to do something you will never regret. Run, jump, laugh, lift, and find yourself unveiling the best version of you.

A few years ago, I experienced my own life revelation, and found how making regular small sustainable changes to my lifestyle, diet and fitness has made me the happiest I have ever been, my lens on life is positive, optimistic and am so motivated and passionate about helping others find the same.  I didn't achieve weight loss and lean muscle tone by restricting myself nutritionally, or slogging it out for hours on the cross-trainer, it was through discovering the benefits of strength and conditioning, weightlifting, mixed with cardio HIIT and a diet that fueled my life and training that I saw big results.

My fitness principles and programming are intense but efficient, with technique and form being of the highest priority. I can't promise you it will be easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it. It takes a lot of sweat, grit and discipline, but I can promise you it will be worth it, we will have a lot of fun, and it will be a lifestyle change you will never regret.


So who wants to get Lifted? #Liftyourself.