I am small and powerful, with an intense passion for health and fitness, who one day discovered the power of regular exercise, lifting a barbell and training for a life that makes me incredibly proud. My journey wasn’t easy, it was full of self-doubt, but it began with a physical ambition and a small dose of self-belief, and here I am, on the whole, energetic, grateful, fulfilled and content.

I am the author of Lift Yourself and Podcast host of Biceps & Banter.

I haven’t always been ‘fit’, I used to smoke, drink excessively and eat all the wrong things . I hadn’t realised the importance of fuelling my body with nutrients to function well and treating myself with the respect I would so freely give to others. It’s not an easy transition to prioritise yourself, get a handle on your diet and get ‘fit’.

I have played Football for Chelsea Ladies, played Netball for my County and University, I am a brown belt in Judo, I have run both London (twice, awfully tough!) and Brighton (amazing) Marathon, completed 12 Half Marathons, and started CrossFit and Strongman training just over 5 years ago, where I have competed in various competitions, all of which has shaped who I am today. The power of lifting weights, becoming a leaner, stronger, aerobically fitter version of myself was a revelation. I won’t tell you it was easy, it really wasn’t, it was pure discipline, commitment and hard work. That’s what gets you results, there is no short cut.

I have a degree in (BA) Marketing, a 10 year commercial corporate career in sales and marketing, and an insuppressibly major passion for encouraging others to make the same decision I did, to prioritise myself. So one day I decided to leave my office job, I thought, enough, if I can be fortunate enough to coach people, to feel the benefits of training that I have felt, that changed my life, then I would been the happiest person in the world.

For any enquiries or training questions please email me using contact Laura@lifted.fitness

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